Minuteclinic Launches Health Condition Monitoring Services For Diabetes, Asthma And High Cholesterol Patients

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“These patients must navigate the health care system on their own and often face enormous time and cost commitments that can sometimes keep them from getting the care they need. “By providing health condition monitoring at MinuteClinic, our goal is to be a convenient and affordable resource where patients can not only receive an exam and regular lab tests, but also spend meaningful time with a practitioner to obtain advice and have questions about their condition and medication answered.” Monitoring Made Easy services at MinuteClinic are available seven days a week, including weekday evening hours; no appointment is necessary. When providing health condition monitoring services, MinuteClinic practitioners review the individual’s medical history and perform an exam and tests based on nationally established clinical practice guidelines for standards of care, which may include an A1c test and comprehensive foot exam for diabetes, breathing and oxygen level testing for asthma, a lipid profile for high cholesterol and a blood pressure check and microalbumin test for high blood pressure. “We know from our own research and from independent studies conducted by the Rand Corporation, that as many as 60 percent of patients visiting our clinics are without a primary care provider,” said Sussman. “So our practitioners are in a unique position to help patients identify a primary care provider and create a path of care that includes monitoring at MinuteClinic to stay on top of their condition.” Most health insurance plans cover MinuteClinic health condition monitoring services.
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Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

“This important collaboration with Orange Business Services and the use of their connectivity services represents a significant milestone in our goal of obtaining certification for our 2net Platform and launching Qualcomm Life in Europe,” said Rick Valencia, vice president and general manager of Qualcomm Life. In Europe, chronic disease accounts for the majority of disease incidence and deaths. The World Health Organization estimates that, in 2002, chronic or non-communicable conditions accounted for 87 percent of deaths in high-income countries, while only 7 percent of deaths were attributed to communicable conditions and nutritional deficiencies and 6 percent to injuries. Page Tools
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Qualcomm to Use Orange for Medical Monitoring Services in Europe

The companies will collaborate to deliver their unique monitoring solutions into the home for the benefit of resident seniors. WellAWAREs monitoring solution is used to analyze resident senior activity trends and physiological information, allowing proactive notification to caregivers of potential, emergent health conditions in an effort to help improve health related outcomes via early intervention. The Philips Lifeline offering includes the innovative Philips Lifeline with AutoAlert medical alert service. Lifeline with Auto Alert offers an added layer of protection by featuring the only medical alert pendant that can automatically place a call for help if it detects a fall and the user is unable to press the button themselves. One of the greatest threats to seniors is falls and associated injuries, says Rob Goudswaard, Sr. Director of Innovation for Philips Lifeline. Implementing the Philips Lifeline technology in conjunction with WellAWAREs monitoring system will help provide a wider safety net, supporting seniors desire to live independently. The use of WellAWARE and Philips Lifeline technology offers a robust, resident-centered solution for seniors, said Jeff Noce, CEO of WellAWARE Systems. Were excited to have this opportunity to work with Philips Lifeline.
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The Modernization of Health Care through Mobile Technology and Medical Monitoring Devices

mHealth has already attracted the interest of many of the leading players in the telecom and IT industries. Business opportunities exist related to both offering home medical monitoring services directly to patients or caregivers and the surrounding infrastructure of devices, networks and data centres. Currently, the wireless medical monitoring services generate only neglectable revenue, but the field shows great potential. The volume of traffic related to medical monitors will increase sharply in the next few years, as new web based services are being established. Also, in the last year, health related applications, for smartphones have become a factor in marketing, and certain services actually generate some direct revenue. This is especially true with Apples iPhone, which has provided a burst in smartphone medical apps. Apple and other companies are also actively working to make health monitoring companies provide smartphone integration. The telecom operator community is more cautious in its attitude to wireless home medical monitoring and existing solutions still tend to rely on fixed line networks.
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Report on wireless home monitoring services

This file can be viewed with: Microsoft Word Viewer Abbreviations CRM: Clinical risk management; RM: Risk management; Qxx: Question xx; TTM: Transtheoretical model; Competing interests The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Authors’ contributions MB, OK, TM and YP were involved in designing the draft version of the monitoring instrument. All authors participated in the further steps to develop its final form. MB drafted the initial article and led the revising of the manuscript. TM, OK, YP and TW revised the manuscripts critically for important intellectual content. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Acknowledgements The project ”Risk management in Swiss hospitals as social innovation: Development of a monitoring-instrument for risk management activities and recommendations for successful implementation” (KTI 8614.1 ESPP-ES) was funded by the Swiss Commission for Technology and Innovation (KTI).
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Assessing hospitals’ clinical risk management: Development of a monitoring instrument

Health care access, affordability, and quality are problems in many places all around the world often the result of income and geography. With the ever increasing use of mobile phones and tablets, mobile advances, such as applications, sensors, remote monitoring devices, and electronic resources, are changing how individuals interact with their physicians, gain access to medical care, and take responsibility for their health. On October 22, as part of the Mobile Economy Project , the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings will host an event on how specific mobile applications and inventions are transforming health care and the ways regulators and governments are working to facilitate their use. Panelists will discuss the types of applications and services that are being created and how mobile technology can help health care workers provide more effective care and enable patients to lead healthier lives. The event will be webcast and live Tweeted at hashtag #TechCTI . After the program, speakers will take audience questions. Program Director, Tobacco Control Research Branch, Behavioral Research Program Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences, National Cancer Institute
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WellAWARE Systems to Offer Philips Lifeline Medical Alert Service as Part of Their Health Monitoring Solution for Seniors

It is the country and its institutions that coordinate between global and national partners and where international partners bring their agendas in line with national ones, instead of vice versa [ 59 ]. However, it will be a challenge to overcome the vertical, single sector approach to program planning and M&E and adopt practices that respond to country priorities and reflect a more integrated approach. The approach represents the ideal, and thus it faces certain challenges. Despite a commitment in the public health community to the kind of logical and stepwise approach to M&E that we have recommended in this paper, execution of this kind of approach often falls short even for single service interventions, particularly at the country level where logic models and program impact pathways may be incomplete. Applying the framework requires making serious progress in overcoming parallel health information systems. Strengthening health information systems in general and ensuring that routine data systems are interoperable will result in high costs to donors, governments, and partners; the value of which is hard to communicate to donors and politicians [ 59 ].
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A systematic approach to the planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of integrated health services

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Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

, iHealthBeat, Monday, December 4, 2006

Companies that offer remote monitoring services are facing obstacles, such as who should pay for the monitoring devices, the Boston Globe reports. Medicare and insurers generally do not cover the cost of the home monitoring devices and only offer a flat fee to help patients recover from hospital visits, according to the Globe.

Partners Healthcare’s home-nursing division in Boston installed monitors for about 100 patients, but it will stop the service when their Medicare home-nursing payments cease. In Natick, Mass., the Visiting Nurse Association installed monitors in 80 patient homes and has successfully caught minor care problems before they became critical.
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Medical Bracelet Speaks When You Can’t

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An ID that is never taken off would help medical or police personnel identify a dementia patient. It would also benefit people who lost their ability to speak and organ transplant recipients. She told the story of a man whose heart is on his right side due to a defect rather than on the left. Can you imagine a medic using a stethoscope on his chest to listen to his heartbeat and doesnt find it? the company co-owner suggested. He would be confused.
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Beaded Medical ID Bracelets from StickyJ

Sign in Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to dislike Sticky Jewelry’s video. Add to Sign in to YouTube Sign in with your Google Account (YouTube, Google+, Gmail, Orkut, Picasa, or Chrome) to add Sticky Jewelry’s video to your playlist. Diabetes, Epilepsy, Asthma, Allergies, etc), an all-silver bead bracelet, and an alternating silver plated and gold plated bead bracelet. Bracelets and tags are interchangeable to provide a combination look that works well with every outfit. Fits wrist sizes 5 1/2″ to 6 1/2″. Category
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Forget ID bracelets, some getting medical tattoos

EXCLUSIVE: Marcheline Bertrand, French actress and mother of Angelina Jolie, has died of cancer

Advertise “What we can tell you is what the law says. What we can’t tell you is what assumptions people are going to make,” said Gena Terlizzi, spokeswoman for the state Department of Health and Senior Services. However, emergency professionals are always on the lookout for information about a patient’s condition and treatment preferences, and that includes looking for medical tags, bracelets and possibly tattoos, said Dr. David Tan, medical director of Washington University Emergency Medical Services in St. Louis. “It’s something I have not seen a whole lot of, but it’s out there,” Tan said. “I think tattoos just aren’t that conventional. But I don’t think it makes it any less useful.” A tattoo alerts “any medical professional to stop and think a moment,” he added.
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Medical ID Bracelets: The $15 Lifesavers

“Having it for the general public to see is probably as important as having it for the EMS folks,” Brouhard says. What to Wear and Where to Wear It When I think of medical alert ID, I picture those commercials from the 1980s – the ones that featured giant silver tags and heavy-looking metal chains. Sparling remembers those days well. Her parents taped her first alert necklace to her chest so the large metal pendant wouldn’t hit her in the face as she played soccer. “You had two choices then,” she says.
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Myid Emergency Identification Bracelet

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myID begs the question: Will medical professionals know what to do when they see a QR code? Thestaff of asclepiusprinted on the front is a sign that all trained medical staff know indicates that important medical information is contained herein. And in any case, if they can’t scan the QR code, there’s always an 800 number they can call instead. Wearing the myID, I’d feel rather confident that I would not sit unconscious in an ER for very long known only as “Jane Doe.” The other issue is that important medical information isn’t simply displayed right on the device itself, which first responders would needbut there’s actually an add-on that you can buy called a Condition Specific Side Slider for myID ($4.99) that lets you slip on small piece of metal that identifies the fact that you have, say, a pacemaker, or are prone to seizures, or have some other serious condition that needs to be taken into account immediately. Active people really should keep identification on them at all times, but the reality is few do. myID makes it easy to buy a medical ID on an impulse, when you’re thinking about it, whether online or in a retail store, and set up the relevant data later.
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Medical bracelet speaks when you can’t

Medical ID Marketplace, a Hope Paige company, has come out with a trendy way to stay safe by wearing a medical ID bracelet with style. Not only are these awesome for adults, but these are becoming a trend among kids with medical conditions and allergies as well. The Medical ID Marketplace products These medical ID bracelets come in dozens of different styles, materials, colors, shapes, and sizes, and each can be personalized with the wearer’s condition and any allergies they may have. Most of the choices are bracelets which feature a traditional ID plate with the medical symbol on the front and your personalization on the back. However, each bracelet varies in all other aspects. Some are made of stainless steel, plated with 14kt gold, and even some made from a rubbery material or rope.
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My Identity Doctor Now Offers Black Engraved Steel Medical ID Bracelets with Return Policy

There are also non-medical uses. One family was taken their young children to England and ordered bracelets for them to wear in case they got lost. THE BANDS are made from a variety of materials, but the rectangular plate on which the engraving is done is made from stainless steel, which does not cause allergic reactions. Mandelzweig noted that the bracelets range in price from NIS 167 to NIS 230 and are made for everyday or dressy use. Some are made from silicon in attention-getting colors such as pink or orange, while others are made in brown leather or in black silicon like a watch. There are models for children (diabetics or with other medical problems that could need immediate attention). There are also floral designs and bracelets with semi-precious stones. Patients groups, she said, have arranged for discounts for their members who want the bracelets.
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Stylish Medical ID bracelets from Medical ID Marketplace

Yves Saint Laurent roller skates just $1150 a pair

These medical ID bracelets are perfect for any man or women on the go and also can all be custom engraved with your important medical information. He further stated, One of the usefulness that this My Identity Doctor`s Steel Medical ID Bracelet & Jewelry brings is that it will help your doctor, and/or nurse to better understand your medical history so time is not wasted and prevent misdiagnosis. The main highlight, or could be called as unique selling proposition of the company, is that all their ID as well as Steel Medical Jewelry come with bold BLACK engraving that help doctors and paramedics to read and analyze their patients effectively and promptly. The company also offers black engraved sleep apnea bracelets ; this bracelet comes with pre-engraved medical information and lifetime engraving warranty. My Identity Doctor offers various types of medical jewelry items that include women’s medical ID bracelets, medical ID plates, medical ID dog tags, kids medical ID bracelets, medical awareness items, gift cards and many more. With the widest variety and choices to choose from, customers are sure to find the best pieces of engraved medical jewelry at this store. About My Identity Doctor My Identity Doctor offers black engraved sleep apnea bracelets that ensures medical patients can receive the highest quality engraving & jewelry that focuses on reliability & safety. All Medical ID jewelry from them is all custom engraved with the most highly visible and defined BLACK engraving available.
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