Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers

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A&D Medical and Salutron, Inc. Announce Partnership to Expand Consumer Technology Platform

However, the association can afford the devices only because of a grant from a health care foundation, according to the Globe.

Dovetail Health in Needham, Mass., is testing its monitoring services in 10 homes as part of a pilot project. Computers monitor patients’ weight and blood pressure and transmit the data to the company, where it is reviewed by nurses. Dovetail offers a medication consultant, occasional nurse visits and 24-hour phone help for $750 per month. The device company plans to roll out the program slowly and will meet with physicians’ groups to market the service as an addition to regular health care, according to the Globe.

Joseph Coughlin, a technology and aging researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said the companies’ obstacles are both financial and psychological. “For every bit of security it provides you, it takes away that much more independence,” he said (Heuser/Spencer, Boston Globe, 12/1).

Source: iHealthBeat, Monday, December 4, 2006

Copy HTML HTML has been copied Home Health Monitoring Services Face Financial Barriers Monday, December 4, 2006 reports. Medicare and insurers generally do not cover the cost of the home monitoring devices and only offer a flat fee to help patients recover from hospital visits, according to the Globe .
To see the source version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://www.ihealthbeat.org/Articles/2006/12/4/Home-Health-Monitoring-Services-Face-Financial-Barriers

Initially focused on diseases brought on by aging and obesity, the company is attune to the ongoing evolution of the home health-care and monitoring industry that is being encouraged by major insurance providers, including Medicare, because it is less expensive than physician or hospital visits and can decrease other medical events, such as hospital re-admittance and more, which saves on costs. PHM currently offers monitoring services to the more than four million patients that undergo Coumadin therapy in the U.S. each year. PHM closed its first acquisition in September, buying Hollywood Healthcare Corp. and its $1.5 million in cash, accounts receivable and inventory in a deal initially valued at about $1.3 million, paid in cash and shares. HHC sells diabetes supplies, immunosuppressant specialty drugs and influenza shots to pharmacies. If specific performance milestones are met in the future, PHM will owe up to $466,000 more to the sellers.
To visit the source article please click the following website link – http://www.baystreet.ca/articles/stockstowatch.aspx?id=693

Patient Home Monitoring Adds Four Companies to Portfolio

— Ultra-low Power Monitoring: One-year estimated battery life; no charging required. — Calorie Tracking: All-day calorie monitoring via advanced algorithm using body motion and heart rate data to compute activity levels and energy expenditure (heart rate). “We felt A&D Medical’s technology leadership, Wellness Connected platform, and commitment to delivering an expanding suite of essential health and wellness devices make A&D a great partner for Salutron and will enhance the value of our LifeTrak connected activity monitor family,” said Mike Tsai, President and CEO of Salutron. “Working with A&D will allow us to further extend the reach of our innovative family of activity monitors into the existing medical and wellness markets that A&D serves in the U.S. and internationally.” LifeTrak activity monitors are available today through a wide array of retail and distribution partners. A&D Medical’s Wellness Connected platform and connected device suite will be available at the end of Q1 2014. About A&D Medical Since 1977, A&D Medical has been manufacturing and distributing a full line of advanced biometric monitoring solutions including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, and other devices for consumer and professional use. A&D Medical is the leader in connected health solutions for wellness, disease management and other telehealth applications, and also markets products under the LifeSource brand name in North America.
To see the original article including any images or video, see here http://www.marketwatch.com/story/ad-medical-and-salutron-inc-announce-partnership-to-expand-consumer-technology-platform-2014-01-07

ProPep Surgical and HealthTronics Announce Collaboration to Market the ProPep Nerve Monitoring System Within the United States

This device is designed as an adjunct to the current open or laparoscopic prostatectomy in which a nerve location technique is used. It is not designed to replace the surgeon’s expertise in the location of nerves of the pelvic region. Each surgeon’s skill determines whether these nerves are spared regardless of any aid. The Pep Electrode Introducer is indicated for use to provide temporary percutaneous placement of EMG monopolar needle electrodes during minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures. About ProPep Surgical, LLC Established in 2010, ProPep Surgical is a privately-held, Austin-based medical device company developing a system of products (ProPep Nerve Monitoring System) to aid laparoscopic and robotic surgeons in identifying the location of and monitoring the integrity of otherwise invisible nerves during minimally invasive pelvic surgery. Real time identification of these nerves allows surgeons to make more informed decisions about which tissue to selectively preserve or remove during surgery and as a result, potentially reduces the common side effects typically attributed to inadvertent nerve damage during these procedures. About HealthTronics, Inc. HealthTronics has been a national provider of urological and interventional oncology services and products for more than 20 years.
To visit the source article, click the following website link – http://www.streetinsider.com/Press+Releases/ProPep+Surgical+and+HealthTronics+Announce+Collaboration+to+Market+the+ProPep+Nerve+Monitoring+System+Within+the+United+States/9038680.html


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