Senior Citizen Driving Safety Information, Statistics And Tips

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Safety for seniors

Many elderly drivers feel that taking away their keys is the equivalent of a teenager being grounded, and they resent being treated like a child. The decision is difficult for a senior’s family to remove driving privileges, but when it involves the safety of everyone on the road, it must be made for the good of the majority. Senior Citizen Driving Statistics Adults over the age of 65 are more likely to be seriously injured in an automobile accident than a younger person, according to the article “Senior Driving” on They also have a higher rate of running stop signs, failing to yield right of way, making improper turns and being in multiple-car accidents. These statistics are alarming, and they need to be taken seriously. Health Issues of Older Adults May Affect Driving As senior adults age, they often face health issues that may impair their driving.
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In the last several years, seniors have been invited to presentations on senior driving through the Registry of Motor Vehicles; the Homestead Act, presented by Dan Dermody representing the Secretary of States office; identity theft; and the inmate horticultural program presented by the Sheriffs Department; fire safety prevention, by Lt. Steve Adams of the Plymouth Fire Department; 911, by Massachusetts Emergency Telecommunications; and the transition to digital television by Comcast. Seniors, the Council on Aging, the Plymouth police and fire departments, the Plymouth County Sheriffs Department, and the Plymouth County District Attorneys office are determined to reintroduce a proactive approach to senior safety. The TRIAD program, a community policing initiative, strives to protect seniors from crime through education and awareness of other programs for seniors. Were here to serve a purpose senior safety, TRIAD and Friends of the Plymouth Council on Aging member Pat Achorn said. With Interim Elder Affairs Director Connie DiLego on board, a group met Thursday morning to jumpstart the program in Plymouth.
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Seniors, be smart about winter safety (Globe Gazette editorial)

Good Shepherd

Falls are another major concern, and there are ways to reduce risks here, too. Stay inside if you can arrange to have your shoveling done. Those who can shovel or blow snow should consider helping elderly neighbors. Offer to run errands for them, too. Seniors using walking aids should make sure rubber tips are not worn smooth. Wear shoes or boots with a non-skid sole and stretch to keep limber.
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Senior safety access issues

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