Teen Changes Lives With Fashionable Medical Alert Bracelets

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Rather than let her situation get her down, Shyanne decided to create a medical alert bracelet that would empower her. “When I was first diagnosed with these blood disorders, I did wonder ‘why me,’ but that line of thinking wasnt doing me any good and in fact, was making it more difficult on myself and those around me,” Shyanne said. Her doctors also treated children with cancer, and she was inspired by the kids, many younger than her, who were so strong while fighting for their lives. “I didnt know back then how Id do it but I knew that I wanted to make a difference and somehow spread awareness. That knowledge was enough to get me through the really difficult times and ultimately led me to create Couture Alert.” Shyanne’s designs, apart from serving a vital purpose, are fashionable and unique. Not a surprise given that she has always had an interest in fashion. “Its a big part of why I wanted to start Couture Alert. I didnt want the metal chain link bracelet I was required to wear to define me; instead I wanted to make my own statement.
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Pros & Cons of Medical Alert

Some medical ID bracelets for kids look so much like regular jewelry, especially the choices for girls. Is there a risk that emergency medical personnel might not realize such elaborate bracelets have critical information on them? A. “The more you see them, the more you become aware that they come in different varieties,” says emergency physician Lawrence Kessler, medical director of ER-DOX, an urgent care center with three locations on Long Island: Amityville, Massapequa Park and Hewlett. That being said, there can be a fine line between style and function that parents might not want to cross when choosing a medical alert bracelet for a child, Kessler says.
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Keep kids’ medical alert bracelets simple

Despite new decorative choices, doctors say you should

The study appeared Dec. 4 in the Journal of the American Medical Association. At the VA center, participants with protected sleep had an average of just under three hours of sleep compared with about two hours of sleep for other participants — an increase of 50 percent. At the university hospital, the protected sleep group had an average of about three hours of sleep, compared with about two hours for the other group, according to a journal news release. Interns with protected sleep were much less likely to have on-call nights with no sleep than others. For example, about 6 percent of interns at the VA center on the protected sleep schedule ended up having no sleep versus nearly 19 percent of those who weren’t on such schedules.
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‘Protected Power Naps’ Could Help Keep Medical Interns Alert: Study

Symptom Checker: Your Guide to Symptoms & Signs: Pinpoint Your Pain

Some of the cheaper pieces of jewelry start as low as $10 as of December 2009 and can be easily afforded by most people. But others range into the hundreds of dollars. For the medical alert system being used in the home that alerts medical personnel when you are injured or ill, the starting cost for many of these systems is around $30. But people with very low incomes might have some difficulty affording this monthly charge. There are no free medical alerts for in-home use but there are some assistance programs that can help with some of the cost. For example, according to PRLog.com, most states have a program through Medicaid that will help pay for this service. Although, for people who do not qualify for Medicaid and still have a low income, obtaining a home medical alert might still not be possible.
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BBB Warns Seniors of Deceptive Telemarketing Calls Offering Free Medical Alert Devices

These companies, they use so many names and they all sound alike, Medical Alert, Alert Services, Medical Life System, Alert USAIts confusing and they know that. she said. The use of names that are similar to well known marketers of medical alert devices is a problem. So much so that Life Alert, the California company made famous by its Ive fallen and I cant get up advertising, is suing two businesses it says are using its name in robo-calls to gain new customers. The lawsuit charges LifeWatch USA and Connect America with impersonating Life Alert through fraudulent robo-calls and other telemarketing to obtain new customers. Both companies deny the allegations and this matter is pending.
Original – http://www.bbb.org/blog/2013/06/bbb-warns-seniors-of-deceptive-telemarketing-calls-offering-free-medical-alert-devices/


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