Seniors Get A Warning On Medical Alert Scam

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Then, of course, smack someone on a fixed income with a big bill, if they fall for the phony pitch. The trick is that if seniors do agree to the system in some cases it can cost $35 a month or more to operate. The scam could also be a way for con artists to obtain bank or credit card information or even a Social Security number to use later in ID theft. Or a way for someone to pressure seniors into paying for other equipment or services. Authorities said in some cases, after consumers press a button to accept the offer, they quickly receive another call asking for personal information, including credit card numbers. “The call appears to target the elderly, disabled and diabetic,” the Better Business Bureau warned in a statement.
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Valley senior alertly shuns medical-alert system hustle

The scammers attempt to get your credit or debit card number and may even ask for your Medicare and Social Security number. If you give this information, you will find a monthly charge of $35 which was supposed to be a free medical alert system. To beat the scammers, the DAs office recommended: Never provide personal information to an unknown caller. Never respond to a robocall from an unknown company. Dont press a key to talk to a person. Simply hang up.
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New Medical Alert System Uses GPS and Cellular Technology to Help Seniors

As a solution, a Florida-based healthcare technology company has announced the launch of a new patent-pending, cellular and GPS-enabled mobile personal emergency response system (M-PERS) for seniors and those with special medical needs. Headquartered in Boca Raton, Medical Mobile Monitoring has launched MobileHelp, offering 24/7 medical and emergency monitoring services with real-time notification capabilities through the use of a GPS and cellular-enabled help button. When subscribers need help, they simply press their help button and are connected via two-way voice to a central monitoring station that is live 24/7/365. By years end, the new technology will also allow family members to see the location of their loved ones over the Web and be notified via mobile phone and email. MobileHelp addresses many of the limitations that exist with traditional medical alert systems currently on the market, namely the problem of the current technology only working in the home, said Elias Janetis, founder and CEO of Medical Mobile Monitoring. Statistics show that 40% of fall-related injuries happen outside the home and only MobileHelp will have someone covered in these instances. With our system, individuals are no longer confined to their homes and will have help when and where they need it with our anywhere help button, he added. The patent-pending technology has taken nearly four years to develop and gives peace-of-mind to family members and caregivers. The product is beneficial for those who desire to live independently and need access to emergency assistance at the touch of a button, no matter their location.
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Scammers use medic alert system to swindle seniors

Adobe Lumber & Decking Center

(OTC.BB: ACAR), the service leader in managing diabetes and medical alert technologyfor seniors, today announced Michael Z. Jones as the Chief Operating Officer of ActiveCare. Jones, who assumed the role of COO in August, was formerly the President and CEO of Interactive Care, a leading medical SaaS solution. Jones also brings over 20 years of senior management experience at Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Iomega, and IBAHN. Past areas of responsibility have included sales, marketing and operations divisions. “ActiveCare’s solution of diabetes monitoring technology, predictive informatics, and a dedicated medical staff give us an opportunity to make a difference in the care of our members,” stated Jones. “ActiveCare is positioned for great success; a significant market, amazing technology and services, and great people.” Utilizing ActiveCare’s 24×7 CareCenter, staffed by highly trained CareSpecialists and medical personnel combined with superior senior alert systems technology, the ActiveOne and ActiveHome have matured the Company’s business plan significantly. ActiveCare’s robust medical alert services and product offering has led to exponential growth in 2012.
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Senior Alert Systems Company ActiveCare Announces New Chief Operating Officer

Best Medical Alert knows there is nothing more valuable than one’s safety and security and in response they have developed the most advanced personal emergency response system. The system is designed to provide 24/7 assistance with a simple touch of a button. Whether the senior suffers from an at-risk medical condition, spends time alone, or would just like the added security of quick access to help, a medical alert system provides the perfect solution. Utilizing a personal medical alert system is an extremely wise decision and the most affordable solution to ensuring a secure safety net. As the normal aging process occurs seniors become more at-risk to fall or suffer from various medical concerns that make it dangerous for them to be left alone. Fortunately, the Best Medical Alert pendant acts as a constant companion to the senior.
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Best Medical Alert Helps Ensure Every Senior Can Afford a Medical Alert System With an Unbeatable New Year Promotion

They said someone had signed me up for it and I thought maybe one of my children had done it, he said. The message said the company needed confirmation of his address to confirm shipping instructions and to press a number to continue. So he pressed the number and spoke with a person who asked for his address. Mark asked who had placed the order and the person on the other end of the line said They werent permitted to share that information. Mark hung up and called his children. None of them had paid for me to get a medical-alert system, he said. Since then, he has gotten the same computerized phone call several more times and hangs up immediately. But hes getting increasingly annoyed.
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